what is aquaponics

The easiest way to sum up aquaponics is, “fish and plants working together to help each other grow in a natural ecosystem where water circulates in an endless loop”.

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Aquaponics is sustainable
We feed our fish nutritious food that they convert into organic waste. Our proprietary system pumps the waste water out of their tanks, where it is filtered and refined before being pumped into our greenhouse where the plants absorb the nutrients they need to grow. In the process, the plants filter the water to the point where it’s so clean, we can pump it directly back into the fish tanks where the 100% organic process starts all over again.
Aquaponics is efficient
Because our fish create our fertilizer, we don’t have to purchase chemicals or other materials to feed our plants. Our proprietary method also requires less heat than a hydroponic greenhouse so we burn less fossil fuel to power our facility.
Aquaponics is the cleanest way to grow
Unlike field grown lettuce where soil regularly makes its way onto the leaves and inner stem, our leaves never come in contact with dirt or any contaminants in the natural environment. Inside our greenhouses, we control all of the growing conditions and protect our plants from all kinds of pests. It all adds up to fresh, clean lettuce picked, processed and packaged with care by people who take great pride in going above and beyond standard food safety practices.