Our passion for sustainability

It’s simple: aquaponics is one of the safest and most sustainable ways to grow certified organic lettuce, all year-round. Extending the growing season in Maine to winter means your local supermarket no longer has to have lettuce trucked across the country from California or Arizona. That means a lower carbon footprint for your supermarket and fresher, tastier lettuce for you!
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We use no pesticides in our organic greenhouse
Thanks to our proprietary aquaponics technology and the precise control we have over all of the growing conditions, we don’t have the same pest problems that other greenhouses do.
Aquaponics uses 95% less water than conventional farming
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With aquaponics, once water is pumped into our facility, it never leaves. It is continuously fortified with nutrients by our fish and filtered by our plants over and over again. That means no constant need for irrigation and no run-off into lakes, streams or rivers.
Our proprietary aquaponics system is 20 times more productive than conventional farming
At Springworks, we continuously upgrade our aquaponics system and fine tune our growing techniques to maximize efficiency. Grrowing over 2 million heads of certified organic lettuce every year enables us to supply large supermarket chains like Hannaford and Whole Foods as well as dozens of independent retailers and food service organizations in a fairly small growing space – just half an acre!
“My kids the other night refused to eat their salad at dinner stating: “They only like the salad at school!” After looking into it I found out it was Springworks Farms lettuce. Let me just tell you, I was excited to find your green leaf in our local grocery store (Food City). No complaints on salad night since!” – Anonymous Mom