Our Team

Springworks is powered by twenty hard-working people from diverse backgrounds. We’re totally committed to seeing Springworks become a symbol of consistent quality, exceptional flavor and game-changing sustainability.

Trevor Kenkel Photo

Trevor Kenkel Founder and President

Born with an innate curiosity about how things work and raised with a deep respect for nature and the environment, Trevor founded Springworks during his Freshman year at Bowdoin College. As President, he splits his time between making sure our current greenhouses are operating at peak efficiency and planning for our future growth. Trevor wholeheartedly believes aquaponics is the most sustainable way to grow organic produce. When he’s not analyzing our system or testing new varieties of leafy greens, you’ll find Trevor enjoying the Maine outdoors all year-round.

Sierra Kenkel Director of Sales and Marketing

In addition to growing up with Trevor and sharing his passion for sustainability, Sierra holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Endicott College. In addition to directing the development of our packaging and all of our customer communications programs, Sierra is responsible for establishing and maintaining excellent relationships with all of our retail partners. If you’re a produce buyer interested in learning more about our products, please email her at sierrak@springworks.com!
Sierra Kenkel Photo
Maverick Maceacheran Photo

Mavrick MacEachern Director of Operations

As soon as he was old enough to use a shovel, Mav started working for his father’s construction company. During his summer breaks from Endicott College, he ran the irrigation side of his dad’s business where he gained valuable experience he applies every day at Springworks. As our Director of Operations, Mav is responsible for everything that goes on inside our greenhouses – from hiring and scheduling to ordering supplies and managing infrastructure projects. Prior to joining Springworks, Mav didn’t eat salads of any kind but we’re thrilled to report that we’ve converted him to the Green Side.
Emily Donaldson Photo

Emily Donaldson Director of business development

We first met Emily during her undergraduate years at Mount Holyoke College. After founding her own environmental education nonprofit, called Cultivating Action, she reached out to us for help procuring small aquaponic systems and distributing them to schools as a way to teach STEM skills. She continued this work as an Albert Schweitzer Fellow at Vermont Law School where she completed her J.D. and earned a Master’s degree in Environmental Law and Policy. Emily was even part of a Dartmouth College research project focused exploring whether protein-rich microalgae could be a sustainable substitute for fishmeal in diets of Nile tilapia. Today, Emily puts her diverse training and experience to work helping us develop and launch new business units, while advancing our current goals and ensuring we comply with outside regulatory requirements.
Sumaya El-Khalidi, Assistant Grower at Springworks

sumaya el-khalidi assistant grower

After graduating from the University of Georgia in just three years with a Bachelor’s degree in Ecology, Sumaya undertook a year of service as an Americorps Volunteer. As part of her efforts to enhance local food systems in Maine communities, she reached out to us for help.  We were instantly impressed with Sumaya’s work ethic and passion for sustainability. So much so, we offered her a part-time job as a Harvester where she could earn extra money, and we could get to know her better. Once again, Sumaya blew us away with her curiosity, ambition, and ability to quickly understand the intricacies of aquaponics. When her year of service with Americorps was over, we offered her the opportunity to learn directly under Trevor and support Mavrick in the day-to-day operation of our greenhouses in the newly created position of Assistant Grower. Today she is an essential member of our team and a key contributor on all research projects to improve our efficiency and evaluate new products.

Michael Brown Sales, Service and Logistics Coordinator

Simply put, Michael makes sure we’re keeping all of our promises to all of our customers. Whether it’s a large supermarket chain placing an order by the truckload or a consumer who emails about how much she loves our lettuce, Michael is the man who responds. Prior to joining Springworks, Michael spent eight years as a corporate trainer for a footwear company. He enjoyed the work but I longed for a career where he could have a bigger impact at a smaller organization. Michael discovered his passion for local and sustainable food after he took a job at a local farm selling mushrooms at farmers markets. He joined our team two years ago and has been a valuable part of our organization ever since.
Michael Brown Photo
“You guys are the best! It is impossible to find year round lettuce better than yours, I don’t know what I would do without you!” – Local Restaurant Owner