• Springworks

Springworks Farm uses the wonders of aquaponics to grow nutritious greens bursting with flavor, 365 days a year. And people really love them. To meet rapidly growing demand, we added a new greenhouse in 2019, which quadrupled production capacity. As we grow, we’re supporting our community in many ways, creating quality jobs for Mainers, and keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.

What do fish have to do with it?

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Aquaponics is a growing system that takes advantage of a symbiotic relationship between plants and fish. The system is populated with beneficial bacteria that convert fish waste into nutrients that feed plants grown in water. The plants naturally clean the water, which is then recirculated back to the fish. The process is organic and clean, eliminating the need for pesticides. And it’s sustainable year-round—ideal for a Maine farm, at the mercy of a short growing season. The best part? Aquaponic farming produces high-quality, great-tasting greens that stay fresher longer.