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Hannaford replaces whole head romaine lettuce grown in CA & AZ with certified organic Lettuce from Springworks Farm in ME, NH & MA stores
October 14, 2021

We're thrilled to announce our newest product at Hannaford -- certified organic whole head romaine lettuce!

Expansion Illustration
Expansion Illustration
We're thrilled to announce our newest product -- certified organic whole head romaine lettuce!

Friends of Springworks Farm, we have VERY big news!

Earlier this year, we opened up our third and largest (40,000 square feet to be exact) aquaponic greenhouse here in Lisbon, Maine. Since then, we’ve been working hard to get our newest product ready for distribution and we’re thrilled to tell you that time is officially NOW!  

Look for our whole head certified organic romaine lettuce in these sleeves at Hannaford Supermarket stores in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and of course, right here in Maine!

For the same price as conventional romaine lettuce trucked across the entire country, you can now purchase certified organic romaine lettuce grown anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours from your home. That’s a savings of over 3,000 food miles and up to SIX days of travel! And because fresher lettuce tastes better and is more nutritious, you and your family can expect healthier, more flavorful salads and sandwiches.

Move over Caesar! Our certified organic lettuce is great in ANY salad!

If you’ve been buying our lettuce since we first started directly delivering our Organic Green Leaf, Baby Romaine and Boston Bibb lettuce to a handful of Hannaford stores, this is the product that many of you have been requesting.

If you’re a Hannaford shopper who is wondering where your regular romaine lettuce went, we’re excited to introduce ourselves and share some of the advantages of aquaponics.

We’re Springworks Farm, an award-winning family business based in Lisbon, ME on a mission to change the way organic lettuce is grown. The growing method that makes us different from almost every other organic farm in the United States is aquaponics. If you’ve never heard of aquaponics, the video below will give you a basic understanding in less than 90 seconds:

Aquaponics is fish and plants working together in a closed ecosystem to help each other grow. Each day at our state-of-the-art facility, we feed thousands of tilapia a healthy diet. We then transform the waste the tilapia create into organic fertilizer that we pump into our greenhouses. Instead of soil, our lettuce plants float on rafts where their roots dangle into the water and absorb all the organic nutrients they need for the plants to grow. By drawing out these nutrients, the plants are cleaning the water to the point where we can pump it directly back into the fish tanks, where the process starts again.

Our aquaponic system is so efficient that we can grow 20 times more lettuce per square foot than a conventional farm. We’re also 95% water efficient which is a huge advantage over field grown lettuce raised in western states where drought conditions have made raising lettuce an even bigger strain on the water supply.


Naturally, we think Springworks romaine is the best-tasting lettuce ever, but we’re more interested in YOUR opinion. The next time you visit your local Hannaford, look for our certified organic romaine lettuce alongside all the other fresh greens in the produce section. 

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