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MaineBiz | Springworks Farm is expanding faster than greenhouse lettuce
May 26, 2021

Thanks to Maureen Milliken of MaineBiz for sharing the details of our expansion!

Expansion Illustration
Expansion Illustration
Thanks to MaineBiz for sharing with the local business community our plans to add 500,000 square feet of growing space!

When business people want to know what's going on in Maine, they turn to MaineBiz. That's why we're so grateful to Maureen Milliken for taking the time to publish the details of our expansion and how it will provide us with the capacity to grow new products.

CLICK HERE to read all the details.

A screenshot of the the MaineBiz article from April, 2021

This isn't the first time MaineBiz has written about Springworks. Back in 2015, Lori Valigra wrote a great piece about the difference between aquaponics and other growing systems.

Screenshot of MaineBiz article from July 2015

There's a great photo of 20 year-old Trevor standing in our first and at the time, ONLY greenhouse back when we were just getting started. It's fun to look back on how our business has changed from a small, family farm in Lisbon to a regional supplier of lettuce to all 180+ Hannaford stores and dozens of Whole Food stores throughout New England!

Geographically speaking, Maine is a huge state but the business community is very close knit and supportive. We're grateful to have a resource like MaineBiz to let potential customers, investors, and partners know about our plans to grow our business both here in Maine and beyond.