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The Springworks Microfarm converts any standard 10-gallon aquarium to an indoor garden by harvesting the power of aquaponics. Your Microfarm comes complete with: 

• A grow bed, tank lid and all of the necessary fittings, designed and manufactured in the U.S. 
• Lightweight clay aggregate in which your plants will grow 
• A pre-set timer to flood and drain your grow bed 
• A rugged, quiet, and efficient pump to move water up to your plants 
• All-natural de-chlorinator, a beneficial bacteria additive to start turning fish waste to plant food, and all-natural food for your fish friends 
• Organic non-GMO seeds, Sweet Basil and Oregano 
• An integrated high output light and reflector assembly 

Add tank, fish, and water and you are on your way!

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