Our Team


 Trevor Kenkel. Founder and President
Trevor grew up playing rugby and football in Whitefish, Montana, with free moments spent fly-fishing and skiing. This exposure to nature serves as the inspiration for our work at Springworks and instilled a passion for sustainable agriculture from a young age. He started building aquaponic systems in Junior High with money from odd jobs, but now leads the team at Springworks. Trevor loves the opportunities at Bowdoin, where he studies biology, economics, and everything in between.


Patrick Cormier. Director of Structural Improvements

Pat was born and raised in Portland, Maine and graduated from Endicott College. At
Endicott he was very involved in the founding of the now nationally recognized rugby program. After developing leadership skills in college, he has honed them post graduation with experience in all aspects of property management. Pat is passionate about his work and that energy is contagious to the rest of our team. His leadership and focus on efficiency makes him a great fit for managing the operations of current and future Springworks facilities.


Sierra Kenkel.  Director of Sales and Marketing

Sierra brings a diverse background to Springworks.  She graduated with a Biotechnology degree followed by a Master's in Business Administration at Endicott College.  Sierra leverages her degrees to communicate our message to a broad audience.  She has been instrumental in growing our sale and establishing the ethos of our brand.  During her undergraduate education she captained both Volleyball and Rugby teams at Endicott College.

























































Noelle Reiter. Office Manager

Noelle was born and raised in Worden, Montana, which is a tight knit, agriculturally driven community in Montana.  Noelle’s family owns and operates the local grocery store in Worden, where she learned many valuable lessons including the positive impact fresh, local, and organic foods can have on a community as well as what it takes to keep a family business thriving. The lessons learned while working at the family grocery store and a business administration degree from the University of Montana, makes Noelle the perfect fit for Springworks.  She is also very passionate about the outdoors, whether that be hiking, fly fishing, walking her English setter Carter, or riding down the highway on her Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

James Tooley.  Director of Horticulture 

James was born and raised in Camden, Maine and graduated from University of Maine- Orono with a degree in sustainable agriculture.  Whether it be working at his neighbors Farmstand or volunteering on an organic farm in New Zealand, James has had a passion for agriculture and providing healthy, local food to communities from a young age. His vast knowledge and experience in farming and his enthusiasm for the outdoors makes him the perfect fit as Director of Horticulture for Springworks Farm. During James’ free time he enjoys skiing, fishing and hiking all around Maine’s wilderness.