Our Greens

Organic Baby Green Romaine Lettuce

Each easy to work with head yields the perfect amount of crispy lettuce for a single salad and is tastier than regular Romaine lettuce. Drop one in your blender for a refreshing, nutritious smoothie or cut a single slice at the base to release the leaves for use in sandwiches.

Organic Boston Bibb Lettuce

Each clamshell contains a whole head of buttery, broad leaf lettuce that’s the perfect substitute for sandwich bread or pita wraps. Load them up with your favorite protein or chop them into a salad for a tasty change of pace.

Organic Green Leaf Lettuce

A versatile and flavorful addition to your healthy lifestyle, the smooth, curly leaves and crisp stems on these full heads of Green Leaf Lettuce bring a delightful texture to any salad or sandwich.

Organic Once Cut Green Leaf

Separated from the stem with a single slice, these individual Green Leaf leaves are ready to be chopped into a salad, layered onto a sandwich or used to hold your favorite proteins as no-carb alternative to wraps. Eating healthy doesn’t get any easier than this!

Organic Once Cut Boston Bibb

We’ve done all the prep work for you. All you have to do is pull as many leaves as you need from the clamshell and tear them apart for a salad or load them up with anything you’d normally put in a taco shell or sandwich roll!

Organic Salad Mix

No knife work required! We’ve done the work of chopping fresh-picked heads of our Green Leaf Lettuce, Boston Bibb and Baby Romaine into perfect pieces for your next salad. You’ll love the flavor of this combination every bit as much as the convenience!