Our Greens

Organic Baby Green Romaine

Rich flavor, satisfying crunch, and deep green leaves. The underpinning of a delicious Caesar salad—whether casually tossed or halved and dressed on the plate.

Organic Baby Red Romaine

Vibrant, multicolor leaves and fresh bold flavor. Makes a vivacious salad, jazzes up your favorite sandwich, and it’s great on the grill.

Organic Boston Bibb Lettuce

Elegant and versatile with a velvety, soft texture and luxurious flavor. Elevates the average sandwich or wrap, perfection on a lobster roll, and lends itself to feats of culinary creativity.

Organic Green Leaf

Fresh and flavorful, the way lettuce should taste. Curly leaves create loft and plate beautifully. Our green leaf brings out the best in whatever you serve with it. Use as the foundation for a sensational salad, burger topping, or lettuce roll-up—a family favorite.

Organic Salad Mix

The best of everything we grow, from bold romaine to buttery Bibb, to our voluminous green leaf, with its exquisite crunch. Pre-washed and ready to eat, it’s your healthy go-to on a busy day.