Assembly Instructions



Assembly Instructions

  • Place 10 gallon tank in your desired location and fill with gravel and any decorations (make sure they are BPA and Phthalate free)
  • Fill the tank with water (and bacterial start from the pet store if you got one.  If not - don’t worry!)
  • Pour 1 teaspoon of D-Klor into the water and mix thoroughly
  • Place the tank cover on top of the aquarium
  • With the Springworks logo facing you, insert the drain cage assembly in the left hole of the grow bed and the smaller inlet media guard into the right side hole of the grow bed.  
  • Plug pre-set timer into the nearest outlet.   Your timer will allow the grow bed to automatically flood for 15 minutes an hour, then drain - optimal for growth! Check to make sure every 4th peg is down for appropriate timing.
  • Open the bag of expanded clay balls (media) and pour it into the grow bed
  • Wash the media out in sink or bathtub until the water runs clear out of the grow bed.
  • Place the grow bed on top of the staging platform. 
  • Connect the pump tubing to the protruding fixture under the grow bed on the right side. 
  • Slide the grow bed back and place the feeding lid on top of the tank cover
  • Insert the light pole into the light fixture and screw into place. Then insert into the grow bed and push the stabilizer into place.  
  • Plug the pump into your timer.
  • Pour Zym-Bac and a ¼ cup of Regenisys into the water
  • Introduce your new fish by first floating them, bag and all, for 15 minutes in the new water  Then slowly pour them into their new home.
  • Plant seeds 1 inch apart and approx. ¼” deep.  Feel free to overplant, thin and prune as needed, and enjoy!

Operating Instructions:

Feed fish twice daily (if possible) with only as much as they can eat in three minutes

Top up water whenever it is more than two inches below the tank cover

After one month, pour the remainder of the Regenisys into your fish tank

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