The Springworks Story


Springworks Farm is the brainchild of Trevor Kenkel. When Trevor was just 12 years old, he noticed that the frogs and fish that once flourished in the stream by his house had disappeared. Trevor set off to find out why and discovered that every time it rained, the runoff from a nearby farm – along with all of its fertilizers and pesticides – flowed directly into the stream. Right then and there, Trevor resolved to find a better, more environmentally friendly way of farming. 

His research led him to the growing field of aquaponics. Trevor loved the idea of creating a closed ecosystem where fish and plants grow in harmony, no pesticides are required and no chemicals of any kind end up in our streams and rivers. Beginning with a tiny aquaponic system of his own design, Trevor had exhilarating successes and frustrating failures. Through it all, he kept tinkering, experimenting and expanding his efforts. During the summer before his senior year of high school, Trevor applied everything he learned to create a 300-gallon greenhouse system in his family’s backyard. This system produced enough greens to feed his family year-round and supply a local restaurant. That was the moment Trevor saw the full potential of aquaponics and the idea for Springworks Farm was born.

Today, Springworks Farm employees 25 people growing 1 million heads of lettuce per year! In addition to supplying hundreds of restaurants through our wholesale partners, our products are available at dozens of Hannaford stores in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont and over twenty Whole Foods stores in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island and Maine. 

When you buy Springworks Farm, you’re helping our small business grow as fast as our lettuce. Thank you!