The Springworks Story

TrevorSpringworks Farm is the brainchild of Trevor Kenkel, currently an undergraduate at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. In his childhood home of Montana, Trevor saw firsthand the impact that traditional agriculture methods were wreaking on local streams and wildlife and decided to do something about it.

His research led him to the growing field of aquaponics, and summer jobs funded a series of larger projects culminating in a 2,000-gallon greenhouse system, producing enough greens to feed his family year round and supply a local restaurant!

Trevor designed the MicroFarm to introduce aquaponics to families, foodies, schools, restaurants - really, almost anybody! It is attractive and functional, changing any 10-gallon aquarium into a balanced ecosystem that is rewarding and fun for all.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Springworks Farm is a collective of family and friends that is combining aquaponics and other sustainable farming methods to bring fresh produce and green jobs to mid-coast Maine. Our flagship farm in Lisbon, ME surrounds a 6,000 square foot aquaponic greenhouse with a retail farm stand, and plans for forest gardening, cooperative plots for local farmers, an eco-trail and more - stop by and see us some time!