The Bowdoin Connection

Posted: Aug 02 2015

So, why did Trevor choose Bowdoin College?

A football player with a focus on a healthy balance between athletics and academics, Trevor was recruited to many of the NESCAC and Ivy league schools. He visited these incredible schools, took advantage of exploring all different types of college towns with his family, and always toured their local food scene. Ultimately, Trevor found Bowdoin to be the best fit for him.

He knew that it would be a place that would challenge him academically while allowing him to enter a community of people that would be, and has shown to be, supportive of his goals. Bowdoin is heavily interactive with the communities around it: Brunswick, Freeport, Lisbon, Portland, Topsham, among so many other towns and cities. These are all places filled with inspiring people that we want directly involved in our vision. We are proud that we are selling to and working with:

  • Bow Street Market
  • Bowdoin
  • Captain Daniel Stone’s Inn
  • DaVinci’s Eatery
  • Fishbones
  • Forage Market
  • Frontier
  • Harraseeket Inn
  • Henry and Marty’s
  • Jameson Tavern
  • Lemongrass
  • Royal River Natural Foods
  • Scarlet Begonia’s
  • She Doesn’t Like Gunthries
  • Solo Bistro
  • The Gelato Fiasco
  • The Sea Dog
  • WIld Oats

We feel that these communities are a huge part of who we are, and we take responsibility in giving back to them. Aligning with the Common Good attitude that Bowdoin places at the cornerstone of its purpose, we are already giving back to food shelters and are confident that the way we grow and distribute our produce is beneficial to the community and environment around us.

We are excited for what the future will hold, and we strive everyday to meet more and more individuals in our community.

Have a great week, and lettuce be your farmer.

Drew Little

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