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Posted: Jul 05 2015

Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

The American Dream is one of the many things that make America great. We are fortunate to live in a country where hard work and determination are embraced as the means of achieving our dreams.

For as much bantering that Trevor and I have fun with, there is that much more respect between us. After spending a lot of late nights in the dorm room with Trevor talking about his vision, academics, and life at Bowdoin, I can truly say that Trevor is someone who is out living the American dream. Here’s a kid who sees a host of problems with the way we produce food - climate change, agricultural runoff, food insecurity, obesity, drought - and decides to do something about it... in high school.

I’m especially proud of his ability to overcome adversity. He suffered years of  debilitating concussions, moved from Montana to Massachusetts for medical treatment, and, after it all, is still determined to follow his vision. While managing a full course load at Bowdoin, Trevor is working to provide Maine and the rest of the country with sustainable, fresh, and organic produce year-round for all to enjoy.

His vision and story are worth sharing, and we hope you will continue to follow us along this journey. If you are ever in town, please come out for a visit on the farm and learn more about Springworks!

Drew Little

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