Microfarm Blog: Into the Wormhole Edition

Posted: Jun 28 2015


“Lettuce” get started with the first blog topic: Worms!
Why worms? Good question! In fact, it is the same question I asked Trevor. I was slightly hesitant about writing my first true blog post about worms. I had to wonder, “would I be selling out?” But, Trevor explained it more and gave me the (don’t question me) stare, and I now see why it is important to share with you.
Springworks Quick Notes #1: Worms Are Friends, Not Food!
1) Worms break down solids that clog plant roots (clogging hinders growth).
2) The worms are well behaved (they will stay in the grow bed and out of your real bed).
3) They break down waste quickly and efficiently into usable nutrients for the plants.
4) Contrary to popular belief, they will not drown in the media bed system. The system pulls oxygen into the media bed providing a great home for worms.
  • Fact: Worms come to the surface during rainfall because the moisture in the air allows them to move around safely without drying out.
Click this link to get Red Wriggler worms (recommended) for your system, or you can just head down to your local sports shop!
If you don’t have a Microfarm, and your not just looking for a pet worm, I would suggest buying one! I know a guy who sells them.
-Keep in touch and lettuce be your farmer.
-Drew Little
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